As a distributor of modern two-path piloting of specialized vehicles in Poland we offer a wide range of products tailored to the tram and rail rolling stock by. individual customer needs. Vehicle designs wykonynanie by our company is backed by careful selection of staff working. The experience of our projektantów- designers, guarantees a high technological quality. We entrust the execution of any work 250 person crew working in accordance with all European standards (TUV) and other welding certificates honorowanymi worldwide. For many years the technical solutions introduced by our company define market standards and reliability is confirmed by numerous awards. We also provide a comprehensive and efficient after-sales service. Each customer, with the purchase of the device receives an extensive package of services and the continued availability of experienced professionals.





Vehicle Road and Rail:
The vehicle chassis is made at Iveco Trakker AD380T41, with a total weight of 26 tons.
The kit includes crane COPMA Italian company, enabling front-railing members and central tram with capacity of approx. 20 tons (at full arm) .Podstawowe technical data of the vehicle:

  • rail carriages, or to run on rails at speeds up to 10km / h. – Hydrostatic drive,
  • overcome bows rail – min. 22m
  • 1000 mm track gauge (possibly also other options – negotiated)
  • The front carriage driven, single-axis
  • The rear two-axle truck with one driven axle
  • The rear trolley with wheels adaptive, adapting itself to the curvature of the track and track unevenness
  • Control system driving the tracks from the cockpit steering wheel from the driver and LCD display Bosch Rexroth
  • propulsion system built for Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components,
  • overcome the hill along the tracks up to 10%
  • Two sanders improve traction in icy or slippery conditions the track.

This configuration is one of many embodiments.
Our company is able to perform installation on any chassis according to the customer’s guidelines.
You can mount kit for new or used chassis, as well as the establishment of a new or used set of HDS.

Mobile Distributor Sand:
The device is used to fill sandboxes rail vehicles (trams), ensuring the reduction of workload, safety and ease of use.
Akumlatorowe autonomous power supply allows movement of the distributor, depending on current needs.
Dust extraction system ensures correct in terms of health and safety working conditions.









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